5 Regional Podcasts You Need To Download Now

BY Naomi Chadderton / Sep 24 2019 / 20:22 PM

From culture to fierce females, the region has produced many thought-provoking podcasts over the last few years, and the phenomenon is rising. To get yourself started, we suggest you start off with the BAZAAR edit of the best shows we’re listening to this month

5 Regional Podcasts You Need To Download Now
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The Dukkan Show

Dukkan translates to ‘home’ in Arabic, and the trio behind this cultural podcast – Omar Tom, Reem Hameed and Mohamed Akkaoui – explore what it means to grow up as ‘third culture kids’. Calling themselves ‘neo-bedouins’, the show covers everything from entrepreneurship to single motherhood as well as hip hop and the internet. Exclusively in English, each topic has the context of nationality and identity at its heart, perfect for the modern-day millennial.

Off the Hookah

An up-to-date and sometimes amusing look at the headlines in the region, each week Phil and Cooper dive into the top news happening around the Middle East. Focusing on everything from regional conflicts to political drama, the duo break down the major developments and provide insight from some of the region’s biggest experts. Oh, and they have fun while doing it.

When Women Win

It’s all about girl power over at this inspiring podcast, which delves into the lives of both regional and international females and their stories. One of the most listened to podcasts in the Middle East, host and creator Rana Nawas talks to CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, athletes and more to discover what drives them and their personal stories of triumph.

Kerning Cultures

Seeking to dissect the traditional narratives of the Middle East, Kerning Cultures tells stories that reflect the depth and richness of the region. Focusing on everything from culture, business, history and art, it discusses things described as “the kinds of stories we want to discuss with our friends over warm cups of coffee on cozy sofas.”

Our Man in the Middle East

Fronted by the BBC’s former Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen, the seasoned journalist recalls his 20+ years’ experience covering the region, taking listeners on a fascinating and gripping journey through his first-hand events that have shaped the Middle East’s history. He covers issues of today, too and is great for those wanting to learn a little more background about our intriguing region.

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