#ChicEats | Beluga, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

BY Milli Midwood / Aug 27 2019 / 12:44 PM

Few sights are as extravagant as a spoon heaped with glossy beads of caviar

#ChicEats | Beluga, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

Try the Most Expensive Caviar in the World

Dubai's newly opened Beluga, situtated in the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, is offering an evening of dining on the world's most desirable ingredient: caviar. Few sights are as extravagant as a spoon heaped with glossy beads of caviar - or so we thought, until Beluga unveiled their latest dish, the 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar. The cigar-themed dish will set you back Dhs1,550, but if you're really up for treating yourself this, a portion of 250g of Beluga's Almas caviar sits on the menu for Dhs36,305. Bon appetit! 


Ever wish that your favorite Parisian spots were in Dubai? You may be off to France this summer, but for those not willing to wait, Beluga has thankfully taken over a sleek and quixotically chic space inside the city’s newest five-star hotel, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira.

It might seem incongruous to describe a fine dining restaurant as unassuming, especially one with marble walls and floors as grand and sweeping as they come, and gold fixtures that look like they’ve been borrowed from Baz Luhrman’s Great Gatsby, but Beluga possesses a welcome sense of human proportion that you appreciate right as you step inside the hotel. The eatery’s arsenal of caviar confirms, of course, that you are indeed about to enter the lap of luxury.

For a truly special evening of indulgence and extravagance, pull up a seat in this French favourite. The menu reads like a scene that even Leo Tolstoy’s hedonistic Oblonksy would delight at: warm scallops carpaccio with Imperial caviar, red carabinero tartare with salmon caviar, prawns with Kaluga caviar and Angus beef tartare with Beluga caviar. But the dish you can’t leave without trying – and trust me on this – is the humble baked baby potato. Albeit topped with spoonfuls of sour cream, chives and caviar, it became our favourite fuel of the evening.

The restaurant sources the sturgeon and Beluga caviar from the finest of places, and the chef has dreamed up the richest line-up of roe-adorned dishes where every mouthful should be washed down with a bubbly boîtes.

No matter what’s on the plate, the restaurant itself serves as a truly glamorous experience. Everything is glossy and fabulous and the food is the most delicate of delicacies.