Dinner With A View: Ice Q, Austria

BY Alexandra Venison / Apr 20 2017 / 20:37 PM

An experience like no other...

Dinner With A View: Ice Q, Austria

Whether you’re visiting in the depths of winter or the height of summer, dining at Ice Q is an experience quite unlike any other. Utterly awe-inspiring the restaurant and lounge is located at the Gaislachkogl Peak in Solden, Austria standing at 3,048 meters above sea level with views that are simply breath-taking. Stepping onto the cable car you will be mesmerised by either the endless snow covered mountain tops or the lush greenery that blankets the scenery for as far as the eye can see.  

Officially having opened in December 2013, the location itself is famed for its appearance in the James Bond movie Spectre. Although it was presented as a futuristic hospital instead of a fine dining establishment, the panoramic glass façade is showcased to its full glory. So there is no doubt when you arrive at your table that a beverage “Shaken, not stirred” is a must – especially as they are experts in the creation.

As for the food, the dishes are as breathtaking as the scenery. Whether you’re opting for a long lunch in-between mountain sports or a sumptuous summit dinner, you can expect the highest quality ingredients combined in a way that it is a symphony for your sense. Inspired by traditional alpine cuisine you can expect a twist on dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries.

Whether you choose dishes separately or opt for one of the carefully curated set menus, the balance of textures and flavours are second to none. For starters, the graved salmon or beef tartar were both delicate options brought to life by sauces with true depth and crisp salads for a subtle yet powerful contrast. The various seasonal soups and classic consommé of beef are also a must try before you dive into the mains.

Presented with the flare of a world class restaurant, there are options to suit every diner. From the escalope of veal to venison wrapped in puff pastry and the tender fillet of beef, meat lovers are spoilt for choice. Looking for something a little lighter? Then the fish and vegetarian options are plentiful on the menu, balancing a whole host of complimentary and delicious flavours and textures placed with the same stunning flare.

If you managed to save room for dessert, of which you should then a whole host of sumptuous sweets await you. As with any Austrian menu, apple strudel sits at the top however, this one radiates a scent that is sure to get your mouth watering. Not to be taken lightly the eponymous ice Q torte delivers a real bite of luxury as the tart, cranberries and nougat mingle in your mouth whilst those lacking a sweet tooth can still find pleasure in the various ice creams and tangy raspberry of passionfruit chocolate tarts on offer.

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