Jazzing Up Breakfast: Links

BY Georgie Bradley / Oct 24 2017 / 19:10 PM

Make up for lost breakfast time on the weekends and indulge in a spectacular spread of delicious dishes at the Address Montgomerie’s family bistro, Links

Jazzing Up Breakfast: Links
Fluffy pancakes have pride of place on Links' breakfast menu

During the week, many of us have a quick grab-and-go coffee and croissant in the morning - typically with desktop views and mounting emails. For me, breakfast on a weekday is an unconscious inhalation of what feels like bogus calories – they shouldn’t count because you didn’t feel them, let alone enjoy them…

Last weekend however, I swapped stale pastries and uninspiring vistas for an unrestrained banquet of breakfast delights overlooking the perfectly preened Golf course at the Address Montgomerie’s all-day dining restaurant, Links.

Links' outdoor terrace is perfect for al fresco dining

Arriving at Links, there was a club atmosphere with a hive of weekend activities going – families in full with children scurrying about (not offensive in the slightest, well done parents), out-of-office friends catching up and Golf enthusiasts mulling over pars. At first glance, the menu delivers the usual gamut– until you read closer and see that your mainstay breakfast dishes are taken to new zeniths of creativity with enhanced additions. For example, Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with whipped lemon ricotta – without reinventing the wheel or trying too hard, you get an outside-the-box pairing, giving pedestrian pancakes a run for their money.

We ordered almost everything off the breakfast menu – a thorough experience of eggs, pancakes and bready dishes. No guilt mind, we had the rest of the day to distribute it as we went along. Our server asked us if we wanted the dishes to come one-by-one or all together. For Instagram purposes, you want all dishes to shine together.

After a brisk 15 minutes, in which time my friend and I engaged in springy chatter, we fizzed with excitement when all our dishes came at once, making no effort to control our mirth as we got our clutch of technology ready to snap across multiple social media platforms.

The Eggs Benedict, the Florentine is next level triumphant in taste and texture

Starting off with the Eggs Benedict, the Florentine, the medium to well done poached eggs sat in a silky hollandaise sauce which exploded with flavour atop an English muffin cushion delectably moistened to a bread pudding texture by the sauce – and between the two lay fleshy and palatable spinach leaves. In the same vein of happy carbohydrates, the Bagel made up of lox, smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese would have the approval of any New York City slicker for quality and size as well as the swimmingly fresh ingredients. For a palette cleanser and quite frankly, a break, we tucked into a tidy arrangement of slender sliced seasonal fruit, preparing us for a round of high production pancakes.

The fruit salad is a welcomed buffer between eggs and pancakes 

Served with a slathering of runny berry compote and the aforementioned lemon ricotta in a shallow but dense pool of maple syrup, these pancakes are a puffy treat with a lightness to put a spring in your step and a fullness to hit your sweet and sleep-inducing spot. Happy place reached, we cleaned our plates with knives, forks, index and pinkie fingers. Between the two of us, there was no food envy or awkward sharing portions – we both felt like we had whole dishes of everything. Links' breakfast can fuel you up for a marathon, but all you'll want to do post-feast is to indulge in the welcomed green views and savour the aftertaste.

For reservations or more information contact 04 390 5600 or email on dine.tamdh@theaddress.com