This Is The Most Tagged Food Dish In The UAE

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 20 2019 / 13:23 PM

We have a dinner winner...

This Is The Most Tagged Food Dish In The UAE

A study by recipe box company Gousto  has revealed that our fave Shawarma wrap is the most tagged dish by instagrammers around the Middle East. Gousto analysed a number of over 150 million Instagram posts in search of the top ten dishes across the region.

Hashtag data discovered that Palestinian Arab cuisine dish Musakhan was at number ten with a little over 3,000 posts while the Shawarma Wrap was at the top with a whopping 522,500 posts.

See the results below:

1. United Arab Emirates - Shawarma - 522,500 Posts
2. Turkey - Doner - 142,000 Posts
3. Egypt - Koshari - 129,000 Posts
4. Jordan - Mansaf = 34,700 Posts
5. Syria - Kibbeh = 31,200 Posts

All the goodness that goes into the making of the winning wrap

6. Lebanon - Kibbeh = 31,200 Posts
7. Saudi Arabia - Kabsa = 22,800 Posts
8. Iran - Abgoosht - 5,349 Posts
9. Kuwait - Machboos = 3,589 Posts
10. Palestine - Musakhan = 3,055 Posts

Based on the findings of the study, a spokesperson from Gousto said, “our hardworking Food Team at Gousto scour the country for the best British ingredients to use in our recipes. Something we’re really proud of in our recipe kits is the mix of British produce and exciting ingredients from all around the world. The study has shown that whilst we already enjoy a wide range world foods, there are still some fascinating world cuisines that are underrepresented. It’s time to shine a light on these delicious cuisines to help spread the word."

That’s a wrap!