The Escape | Al Seef Heritage Hotel

BY Laura Prior / Dec 14 2019 / 15:43 PM

Step into old-world Arabia at Al Seef Heritage Hotel

The Escape | Al Seef Heritage Hotel
Al Seef Heritage Hotel on the soothing banks of Dubai Creek

It may come as a surprise to hear that the premium traditional Arabian experience of Al Seef Heritage Hotel is less than a hop, skip and jump away from the towering skyscrapers of modern Dubai’s Business Bay.

Immerse yourself in authentic old-world Arabia. Situated in Al Seef, a vibrant promenade on Dubai Creek's southern banks, Al Seef Heritage Hotel offers views of nearby souks' rooftops, courtyards and alleyways, as well as Dubai Creek's bustling waterways. Feel at home in one of 190 guest rooms spread across 22 traditional Arabian Bayt (homes) replete with iconic wind towers. Spanning multiple locations in the most charming district of Dubai, you are welcomed at reception with the region’s famed Arabian hospitality, then buggied along cobbled streets to your room.

And what a room! Meticulous period details take you back to the good old days whilst not a single modern convenience is spared. And, the authenticity does not  end in your suite, many restaurants across the country claim to offer Emirati cuisine, but few deliver that promise as well as Saba’a Restaurant.

Al Seef Heritage Hotel
Bazaar's stay at the property coincided with The Dubai Run, and we joined tens of thousands running along Sheikh Zayed Road as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge. Little did we know that this moment in Dubai’s modern history would perfectly demonstrate Al Seef Heritage Hotel’s convenient location. 

A 10 minute early-morning walk took us to the bustling Burjaman Dubai Metro interchange.  From which a short ride, and 2 minute walk took us to the start line of this ‘say-you-were-there’ occasion right in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown - with no care for parking or traffic delays. 

Al Seef Heritage Hotel

Few hotels in the world can boast a foot in the past and the future so eloquently. Book a stay to get back to that stress-free traditional life, where you can stroll and breathe easy whilst talking the in sights, sounds and scents of iconic Arabia.  So leave the rat race behind, explore the creek, run the creek if you’re that way inclined, or even hire a bicycle and soak in the Dubai we all forgot we loved.

Here, the way forward is back.

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