The Escape | The Relais & Châteaux Saint James Paris, France

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Jan 6 2020 / 14:21 PM

Part château, part family townhouse, experience a blend of intimate grandeur and luxurious classicism within Paris' most poetic hotel - the new Saint James Paris, member of the association Relais & Châteaux

The Escape | The Relais & Châteaux Saint James Paris, France
Saint James Paris

Picture a prestigious hotel centred in a park in the heart of Paris. Complete with exquisite restaurants and terraces, the most noticeable feature of this hotel is that it’s part château, part family townhouse - a blend of grandeur and intimacy, of classicism and luxury. Extremely Parisian and beyond fashionable with its unconventional interior design.

In 1991, The Bertrand Family, who already owned the 5-star Relais Christine Hotel in Saint Germain, acquired the Saint James Club. Fast-forward to 2008, the family planned a complete makeover of the building and were wildly enchanted by the poetic, wild-eyed vision of unorthodox interior designer Bambi Sloan. Finally in 2011, the new Saint James Paris opened its doors, instantly recognised as one of the most special hotels in Paris.

A Renaissance woman bursting with an Anglo-Saxon imagination, Bambi Sloan is the kind of outlandish character who successfully invents new striking equations with flair. Sloan took Napoleon III style as a starting point, which she describes as a “pileup of all styles”. The designer has mixed fiction, reality, history, film and literary references into one.

Sloan has dressed up the rooms separately, choosing the most appropriate fabric, furniture, paintings and special adornments for each one, making them individually special. The entrance to the Saint James Paris stirs a shock at first, taking visitors into another world, like a time capsule. The lobby is black and white, with every inch of the entrance adorned with pop art.   

The gourmet table, designed by Executive Chef of Saint James Paris, Adrien Brunet, offers the most delicate marriage of flavours and textures, to bring perfected masterpieces to the table.

“The essence of recipe is not to transform the product but to accompany it and to sublime it in its original flavour,” says Brunet. 

To top it off, Saint James Paris made a brilliant alliance by uniting exclusivity and excellence with Guerlain. Guerlain has drawn inspiration from nature and its many wonders to formulate its excellent skincare: Orchidée Impériale, Abeille Royale and Super Aqua. The hotel is home to its very own Guerlain Spa, where guests are pampered with signature treatments such as the La Dédicace Guerlain, which combines body scrub, massage and facial care for a world of rejuvination. 

To make a reservation, call +33 1 44 05 81 81

Images courtesy of Saint James Paris