The Escape | Pristine Wilderness Getaway, British Columbia

BY Brian Timmer / Nov 1 2019 / 12:36 PM

Adventure awaits at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort; an intimate family-owned resort based in the un-tamed wilds of the Great Bear Rainforest

The Escape | Pristine Wilderness Getaway, British Columbia
Jeremy Koreski

With a rugged natural setting in the British Columbia wilderness, tucked along Canada’s rugged west coast, The Nimmo Bay Resort looks and feels like a completely different world compared to our typical escape destinations.

Accessible by floatplane or helicopter, the resort offers couples, families, friends and small groups an opportunity to slow down and match the rhythms of nature, all the while connecting with each other and the natural world around them.

Photo-ops abound as you experience the magnificence of the Great Bear Rainforest, with abundant wildlife and pristine landscapes, from lush rainforest and flowing river valleys, all the way up to heavenly mountaintops and 10,000-year-old glaciers.


Custom-tailored itineraries provide guests with extraordinary wilderness and wildlife experiences, whether it's traversing on land, floating in the sea, or hovering in the sky,  an array of adventures and daily activities awaits.   

Guests have access to 50,000-square-miles of natural, untouched pristine lands, where they can spy on frolicking black bears from a kayak, paddleboard on pristine glacial lakes, or fish for wild Pacific salmon.   

And after a day of exploring and adventure, return to your idyllic cabin for a delicious meal of locally sourced ingredients, expertly concocted by chef David Hassell, who's cooking philosophy involves "taking inspiration from communities who have lived off this land for millennia."   After a satisfying dinner, ease your muscles in the soothing heat of a wood-fired sauna (floating on a raft in the middle of the bay no less!) or unwind with a soak in a hot tub (next to a waterfall surrounded by forest!)

Finish every evening under the unspoilt night skies with a cup of hot cocoa, where the only light pollution comes from the roaring open fire; sit back and absorb the heat while you completely immerse yourself in the beauty around you.

For those adrenaline junkies seeking a few elevated thrills, opt for a breathtaking helicopter ride to hike or bike along the mountain ridges high above the resort,  priceless views of the wild expanse below you are free of charge.


The resort, where glimmering ocean meets vibrant rainforest and come together under the shadow of an imposing 5,000-foot mountain, has quaintly grown over the years to nine spacious-yet-cozy cabins, all carefully constructed with care and consideration for the surrounding environment, and of course with the comfort of guests in mind, providing a true escape from city life.

Don't forget to tick off the whale-watching box on your bucket list by exploring the nearby Broughton Archipelago where the marine mammals are frequently seen in their undisturbed natural setting.  A must see!


While at the lodge, we recommend taking in the cedar scents and accents with a muscle melting massage from the spa, set in an idyllic spot next to a river, and hidden amongst the forest trees; or take in an invigorating yoga session to truly lose yourself.

For further details and information please visit the Nimmo Bay Resort website