This London Style Fixture Has Unveiled The Floral Art Installation Of Our Dreams

BY Michaela Williams / Aug 13 2018 / 15:24 PM

Burlington Arcade is in full bloom this summer

This London Style Fixture Has Unveiled The Floral Art Installation Of Our Dreams

Those travelling to London this season for a proper British summer will be delighted by a stunning art installation made up of armfuls of gorgeous English flowers, housed in one of Bazaar’s favourite luxury shopping destinations.

French artist Mathilde Nivet has captured the beauty and charm of a traditional English garden exclusively for Burlington Arcade. Her remarkable take on a hanging garden is created with simple sheets of paper – by sketching, cutting and folding, she has transformed each page into a work of art. The intensely delicate process required unbroken focus to produce a life-realistic garden of ever-blooming petals, with Mathilde spending hundreds of hours of work to create thousands of flowers and leaves. A bouquet of British favourite envelopes the Arcade’s high ceilings, with hydrangeas, anemones, wisteria, yarrow, dogwood, iris, clematis, morning glory and roses elegantly unfolding.

Burlington Arcade

“With this art installation, I wanted to pay a tribute to the beauty of the English garden,” Mathilde explains. “There are strong connections between my paper art and the floral world as they are both ephemeral, graceful and fragile. In addition there is perfect harmony between my creations and the craftsmanship that is synonymous with Burlington Arcade.”

First opened in 1819, Burlington Arcade is an essential icon of fine craftsmanship and excellent service, bridging the traditional style and elegance of a British covered arcade with the modern touches of current day London. The Art Nouveau and Georgian style fittings and décor seamlessly complement the stunning storefront of some of the world’s most exclusive luxury brands. Shoppers can browse new season sunnies at Chanel, explore the shoes-obsessed world of Manolo Blahnik, experience the luxury of Scottish cashmere at Barrie or find a new signature scent at Fredric Malle, Roja Parfums, and Kilian. Other notable tenants hosted by Burlington Arcade include watchmakers Bell & Ross, ERES, La Perla, Maison Michel, KWANPEN and the Vintage Watch Company, which houses the largest display of vintage Rolex watches in the world.

The art installation will run until 31 Augusut. 

Together with Burlington Arcade