Whispers of Serenity Mental Health Clinic Is Offering Free Counselling To Those Affected By The Beirut Explosion

BY Laura Kell / Aug 6 2020 / 20:13 PM

Anyone in Lebanon who is in need of psychological assistance after the tragic events which occurred on August 4 is welcome to call the hotline

Whispers of Serenity Mental Health Clinic Is Offering Free Counselling To Those Affected By The Beirut Explosion

While the physical damage of the explosion which occured on Tuesday in Beirut is evident, we often forget how much the psyche suffers when it undergoes such a traumatic event. 

One clinic in Oman is doing its part in supporting the people of Lebanon during this terrible time. Whispers of Serenity Mental Health Clinic, in partnership with Not Alone Oman, has announced it will offer free counselling services via hotline to anyone in Lebanon and Lebanese nationals based abroad, who feel the need to seek out mental health services or speak to a counsellor during these trying times.

“Our team would like to extend our hands by providing free psychological assistance to help our dear brothers and sisters who have been severely affected by the sudden incident in Beirut, Lebanon. We are in this together, You are not alone,” the caption of a post on the clinic's Instagram account reads.

Whispers of Serenity has also provided information regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on its account.

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Even if you know you’re safe, when triggered, it feels like you’re in danger and it’s terrifying. Take care and be gentle with yourself and other people who might be suffering from #PTSD. .... .... يصيب اضطراب ما بعد الصدمة ما يقرب من 9٪ من الناس في وقت ما خلال حياتهم، بما في ذلك مرحلةُ الطفولة (انظر اضطراباب الكرب الحادّ واضطراب الكرب التالي للرضح عندَ الأطفال والمراهقين). وفي حوال 4٪ توجد هذه المشكلة خلال أي فترة ممتدَّة على 12 شهرًا. ويُصاب كثيرٌ من المرضى الذين تعرَّضوا أو شهدوا أحداثًا مؤلمة، مثل المحاربين القدامى وضحايا الاغتصاب أو أعمال عنف أخرى، باضطراب ما بعد الصدمة.

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Not Alone Oman has shared a series of Instagram posts and will be offering its services in English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Tagalog and Italian to anyone affected by the explosion. 

The organisation also shared an Instagram post with information about PTSD symptoms, something victims of the blast could unknowingly be suffering from.

The clinic offers virtual counselling sessions online and over the phone, as the hotline is set up to receive international calls.

Anyone seeking more information on the services can contact +968 99359779 or visit whispers-of-serenity.com.

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