How It Would Have Been: Mohieb Dahabieh Imagines A Georges Hobeika Couture Moment At Cannes

BY Laura Kell / Apr 12 2020 / 20:27 PM

With the help of Lebanese illustrator Assaad Bou Mjahed, the celebrity relations specialist tells the story of what would have been the most sought after dress at the film festival - and who might have been wearing it on the red carpet

How It Would Have Been: Mohieb Dahabieh Imagines A Georges Hobeika Couture Moment At Cannes

After weeks of living with the novel coronavirus pandemic it seems unthinkable to imagine a world without cancelled or postponed events, social distancing and Zoom calls.

For many of us who work in the fashion industry now would have be a time of preparation; the busy season would have been upon us, almost in full-swing. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. We now mourn the indefinite postponement of some of the biggest events within the fashion calendar – such as the 73rd Annual Cannes Film Festival, which was due to kick off exactly one month from today – along with what would have been the season’s most iconic looks, as worn by A-Listers and celebrities on the red carpet.

Mohieb Dahabieh, however, is determined to present what would have been one of the most sought after looks at the film festival to the world – pandemic or not. The celebrity relations specialist felt compelled to share Look 34 from Georges Hobeika’s SS20 Couture collection as it might have been worn on the red carpet by not just one but three different celebrities.

"Look 34", Georges Hobeika, SS20 Couture Collection

"Every collection has it's Hero: that one gown with high allurement, desired by all and destined for viral exposure,” he said. “Look 34 was the Hero piece by Mr. Hobeika for SS20 – with serious carpet appeal, it was tipped for stardom in Cannes.”

Mohieb collaborated with Lebanese illustrator Assaad Bou Mjahed to imagine just exactly how the turquoise gown with azure blue beading would have appeared if Adriana Lima, Fan Bingbing or Adut Akech wore it on the red carpet.

Fan Bingbing

“It was tipped for stardom in Cannes. I had been inundated with requests for it and its diary for the next few weeks could have seen it rotate amongst celebrity fittings in China, India, Brazil, LA and around Europe,” he said.

Adriana Lima

The results were breathtaking. Assaad sketched out three different scenarios, showcasing each muse at a different moment in time on the red carpet.

Adut Akech 

“I wanted to look beyond the adversity and the state of grief our world is in, and give Look 34 a moment of abstracted glory by whimsically imagining three apparitions at the montée des marches,” Mohieb said. “I am enlivened by Assaad’s talent and his three depictions.”

“I hope with every ounce of my being to witness Look 34 worn in real life somewhere and sometime soon,” he said.

Lead image courtesy of Assaad Bou Mjahed and Mohieb Dahabieh. All illustrations by Assaad Bou Mjahed.

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