Huda Kattan Admits To Using FaceTune In An Honest Instagram Post

Huda Kattan
“I think as a community we can all try to use it less”

Beauty mogul Huda Kattan is known for being open and honest in her social media channels. And recently she decided to address an issue that she found “embarrassing” to open up about: FaceTune.

Along with a before and after picture, she wrote:

“I started feeling like people were waaay too into Facetune (myself included), but we don’t need it as much as we think we do and I feel sometimes we go too far! This photo is exaggerated, but I was inspired by some videos I saw on photoshop!

“What do you guys think? Are you guys a fan of photoshop or do you think people take it took far? This topic is pretty embarrassing for me to open up about but I feel it has to be done! I will use it in the future, but I think as a community we can all try to use it less.”

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The photo-editing app is extremely popular amongst Instagrammers for making their bodies appear slimmer, skin smoother, and teeth whiter.

Kattan received a huge reaction to the post, with an overwhelming amount of comments supporting her honesty.

“Kudos to you,” wrote @mama_fish. “I think it’s too much sometimes… makes me feel so self-conscious about myself in all angles and when I see myself in the mirror […] thanks for bringing this up!”

@victoriapaigewhitaker wrote: “This is vulnerable, authentic, inviting and so needed. I applaud you for putting out this message with thoughtfulness and sincerity. Especially from your platform.”

Huda Kattan isn’t the only celebrity to highlight the use of FaceTune lately. Chrissy Teigen tweeted to say that people should “chill out a little bit” with smoothing out skin, and that people need to understand that it’s FaceTune.

We love that these ladies are brave enough to start a conversation about their conflicting feelings of the app.


Huda Kattan