Katy Perry Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

BY Hana Barhoush Dalloul / Jan 22 2018 / 15:56 PM

Singer has had laser and fillers

Katy Perry Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

If you're famous, the question on everyone's lips is: what (if anything) have you had done? Katy Perry is no exception. Over the years there have been reports that she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. She addressed the rumors head on in a recent interview with Refinery 29, explaining that while she has had small procedures, she hasn't been under the knife.

“I’ve done lasers and got (filler) injections under my eyes for the hollowing - which I’d recommend for everyone who wants a solution for their dark circles. But all of my assets are real,” said the 33-year-old singer.

In the interview, Perry acknowledges that plastic surgery is a personal choice, and is keen to highlight that it’s all about individuals doing what’s right for them. “We’re getting away from that negative stigma about physical alterations. Of course, always be your authentic self - but if someone wants a nose job that makes them feel better, and they love their profile more because of it, it’s like ‘Go ahead!’ Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Stay in therapy, but get it, girl!”

After suffering with terrible acne for years she swears by Proactiv. She starred in a Proactive commercial in 2010, raving about the brand. "They do not pay me to say that! It actually solved my acne problem," she said. "I used to have really, really bad skin in my early 20s. I remember I was doing laser treatments, trying different ointments, going to very expensive facialists and nothing worked."

She also keeps her skin glowing by watching what she eats.

Thanks for all the top tips, Katy!