Soon There Will Be All-Female Rescue Teams On Dubai Beaches

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jul 8 2018 / 16:18 PM

It's all part of a wider campaign to make the city's beaches safer

Soon There Will Be All-Female Rescue Teams On Dubai Beaches

Dubai is known for its large beaches and year-round hot weather, but soon there will be another reasons for tourists to flock to the city – safety.

As part of a wider “Beach Safety Campaign”, all-female rescue teams will soon be introduced to Dubai’s beaches. There are currently 12 women being trained to respond to emergency situations, and according to local media agency WAM, a further 18 will be trained by the end of the year.

Speaking at the press conference, Major-General Ahmed bin Thani, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Ports Affairs, said: "We are keen to provide safe beaches for people away from drowning incidents and other troubles. This campaign will help educate beachgoers about what to do when they go to the beaches and not to swim when there are high waves or bad weather."

Although Dubai is looking to increase beach safety for holidaymakers and residents with the all-female rescue teams, this is part of an ongoing effort.

"We have 100 professional lifeguards who are deployed on Dubai’s seven beaches,” said Alia Abdul Rahim Al Harmoudi, Director of the Environment Department at the municipality. “They operate from about 30 rescue stations with the latest first-aid equipment.”

Most open beaches in Dubai now have summing zones marked by floating buoys and ropes. In order to enhance the rescue team’s ability to respond to emergencies, there will also be a sea ambulance at eight of the city’s beaches by the end of the year.