Elie Saab’s New Home Line Will Transport You To A World of Opulence

BY Sarah Joseph / Jun 21 2020 / 21:00 PM

The Lebanese couturier has officially unveiled his first furniture collection and, just as you would expect, it’s as dreamy as anyone could ever imagine

Elie Saab’s New Home Line Will Transport You To A World of Opulence

Known for his sophisticated aesthetic Elie Saab has managed to conquer the world of interior design by introducing his new home furnishings line.

With structural detailing, the use of rich materials and inspiration coming from both the cities of Paris and Beirut, where the Elie Saab ateliers are based, the Lebanese fashion designer is working with renowned Italian architect and designer Carlo Colombo to translate his creative vision into a furniture collection.

"The collection came to life after some time spent in the company with Elie Saab. We shared stories about the inspiration behind his creations, his work process and his selection of shapes, colours and materials,” Colombo said.

The line is manufactured entirely in Italy, and is produced and distributed by Corporate Brand Maison

Legacy Sofa 

The legacy sofa by Elie Saab Maison is characterized by elegant elements that include a bronze finishing, making it a statement piece of furniture that could easily fit into any living space.

Subtle hues of delicate creams and neutral pastels are set against metals, bronzes, marble and noble stones throughout the collection, becoming a focal point of the new home line.

Dunes Table Sketch

Inspired by the harmonious forms of the dunes of the Arabian desert, the Dunes table is among the most iconic creations of the Elie Saab Maison collection, perfectly combining contemporary aesthetics with traditional taste.

Monolith Bed

Unique and timeless, the Monolith bed can express itself as the central piece of bedroom furniture with soft, elegant lines complimenting its solid structure. The room’s design can then be completed with the Monolith Pouf, Essence Nightstands and Light Pillar table lamps from the collection.

Taking inspiration from Middle Eastern perfume bottles to the Art Deco styling of his Paris home, along with his love for masterful silhouettes, all of the designer’s signature elements are incorporated within the home line.

The designer’s debut furniture line is manufactured in Italy and will initially be available in Milan, Beirut and Dubai, where Elie Saab Maison showrooms are expected to open before the end of the year.

For more information, visit cbmaison.com/elie-saab-maison.

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