UAE To Allow Embryos And Eggs To Be Frozen For IVF

BY HARPER'S BAZAAR ARABIA / May 23 2018 / 13:51 PM

The move will help both unmarried women and couples

UAE To Allow Embryos And Eggs To Be Frozen For IVF

In a move to help patients struggling with fertility, the UAE government is making it easier for unmarried women and couples to freeze embryos and eggs.

The cabinet decision comes after hospitals urged the government to review legislation surrounding fertility treatment due to the fact that many women now have children later, according to The National.

The Ministry of Health previously banned clinics from storing frozen embryos in 2008 apart from in exceptional circumstances, decided on an individual application.

There are not expected to be restrictions on married couples looking to freeze embryos, apart from providing a marriage certificate.

The exact rules on storing frozen eggs for unmarried women are not fully clear yet, however clinics are expecting that there will be restrictions in place. The procedure is likely to be reserved for women over 35, and younger women who have medical conditions or are undergoing treatment that may harm their fertility.