WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kris, Kylie And Stormi Photographed For The First Time Together

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jul 1 2019 / 22:31 PM

Could this be the cutest guest to front BAZAAR’s pages?

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kris, Kylie And Stormi Photographed For The First Time Together

Kris wears: Dress, Dhs9,000; Tights, Dhs700; Glasses, Dhs1,975, all Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Dhs2,880, Prada. Earrings, Dhs50,500; Necklace, Dhs12,900, both Clash de Cartier
Kylie wears: Skirt, Dhs2,800; Jacket, Dhs10,570; Tights, Dhs700, all Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Dhs2,520, Aquazzura. Earrings, Dhs14,300; Rings (left hand), both Dhs11,300; Ring (top on right hand),  Dhs31,200; Ring (bottom on right hand), Dhs11,300, all Clash de Cartier
Stormi wears: Dress, Dhs1,650, Dolce & Gabbana

Back in June last year, Kylie Jenner deleted most of her posts of Stormi and said she would no longer be sharing photos of her daughter online. Much to our delight, however, pictures of the sweet 17-month-old soon started appearing on our Instagram feeds once again – but there was one photo that fans have been deprived of.

Kylie and Stormi were yet to be shot for an international fashion magazine. Until now.

On the set of our Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia July/August shoot, what can only be described as the cutest guest BAZAAR has ever seen, made an unexpected appearance. 

“She [Kylie] spontaneously brings one-year-old Stormi onto the set, whips out a tiny leopard-print Dolce & Gabanna dress from her bag (which, coincidentally, is a perfect match for what we’re about to shoot), and voilà – history in the making,” writes BAZAAR’s Editor-in-Chief Salma Awwad in our exclusive cover story. “For the first time ever, a three-generation image of Kris, Kylie and Stormi is captured by a magazine.”

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Family First: “When I became a mother, my perspective on life completely changed, and so did how I look at my own mum and appreciate all the things that she’s done for me. Now I can understand the way that she feels about me, the way that she loves me, and how strong her love is for all her kids“ @kyliejenner details her unbreakable bond with @krisjenner to @salmaawwadofficial. In a world exclusive, three generations of Jenner women are photographed together for the first time in the July/August issue of #HarpersBazaarArabia. Tap the link in our bio to read more. "حين أصبحت أماً، تغير منظوري تجاه الحياة بشكل كلي، وتغيرت الطريقة التي أنظر بها إلى أمي وتقديري لكل الأمور التي فعلتها من أجلي. الآن أستطيع فهم مشاعرها تجاهي، والطريقة التي تحبني بها، وكم هو قوي حبها لأبنائها" تشرح كايلي ذلك الرابط القوي غير القابل للكسر الذي يجمعها مع والدتها كريس جينر لسلمى عواد. حصرياً تظهر ثلاثة أجيال من نساء عائلة جينر مع بعضهن البعض وللمرة الأولى في جلسة تصويرية في عدد مجلة هاربرز بازار أريبيا لشهر يوليو وأغسطس. لقراءة المزيد الرابط في أعلى الصفحة Photographers: @morellibrothers

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“Let’s do this!” Kylie said excitedly, articulating our thoughts exactly.

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