'2020: Towards The Next 50', BAZAAR Editors Share Their Hopes For The UAE

BY Rohma Theunissen / Jan 2 2020 / 21:29 PM

With '2020: Towards The Next 50' being the UAE's official theme of the new year, the Harper's BAZAAR Arabia team share their hopes of what they would love for the UAE to accomplish in the next five decades

'2020: Towards The Next 50', BAZAAR Editors Share Their Hopes For The UAE

2020 is finally upon us and that for the people of the UAE means that the highly anticipated Dubai Expo is almost upon us. The UAE maybe a small nation but it has cemented its position amongst the world's biggest cities in an astonishingly short amount of time. With incredible infrastructure, world-renowned events and experiences and unprecended architectural wonders, its easy to forget that this highly cultured, sophisticated and diverse coutry is a mere 48 years old. It's young age further amplifies every single one of its accomplishments that are globally recognized, and have made the country a favourite amongst tourists and residents alike. 

In December 2019, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai took to Twitter to announce, “The UAE is approaching its fiftieth anniversary in 2021 and we want it to be the year of fresh-starts and new-beginnings. We will celebrate our country’s 50th anniversary and launch into another fifty. We will get ready for that in 2020. Next year will be the year of preparation for great strides”.

With '2020: Towards The Next 50' being the UAE's official theme of the year, BAZAAR editors wanted to share their hopes of what they would love for the UAE to accomplish in the next five decades.

A Fashion Capital In The Middle East | Olivia Philips – Editor

“We’re well on the way to becoming leaders in the creative field, but I would like to see the UAE and Dubai specifically become solidified as a legitimate fashion capital alongside New York, Milan, London and Paris. I’m proud of the Arabic voices we produce, and vow to help amplify them at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia so that we can reach that goal far sooner than in 50 years”

Regional Designers Becoming Global Fashion Brands | Tabitha Glaysher – Junior Fashion and Beauty Editor

“The extraordinary pool of creatives we have within the UAE is ever-evolving and strengthening year on year, but it’s the stratospheric rise of home-grown fashion designers that I would like to see expand from our regional best kept secrets to globally recognised power houses. From the impossibly modern chic of Bouguessa to the rising whimsical designs of Serrb, we have so much innovation and raw talent on our doorstep and I would love to see this conversation reach international shores - and in fact predict that it no doubt will – in a time line much sooner than 50 years”

Size Inclusivity Becomes Mainstream | Milli Midwood – Digital Editor

“When will skinny no longer be deemed aspirational? Yes, the fashion world has been taking more steps than ever towards a more inclusive future; never before have we seen more curvy models take to the runways, but it's still not enough. I want to see more Ashley Grahams and Candice Huffines on my Insta feeds, I want to see more than just Savage X Fenty use size 14 women in their shows, I want curves to be normalised and for women to no longer value their self-worth on the size of their bodies”

A Champion For Philanthropy | Laura Prior – Editorial Producer

“I would love to see this region use its financial, tech and political influence to widen its philanthropic contribution on a more global scale.  Undoubtedly governments will need to take a progressively more international approach to issues such as displacement of communities caused by political unrest, climate change, national health etc. The UAE has the capacity to collaborate on global problem solving, and if they act as change agents now, we could see a complete transformation in this field.”

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A Global Leader In The Fight Against Environmental Deterioration | Rohma Theunissen – Assistant Digital Editor

“In the next 50 years, I would love to see the UAE become a prominent leader in the fight against the deterioration of our planet’s health; promoting and encouraging recycling with zero waste social and business models, harnessing the power of solar energy to minimize its reliance on fossil fuels and developing innovative wildlife conservation strategies”

A Regional Hub For Sustainable Fashion | Stephanie Carmona – Digital Intern

“Since there are more and more UAE brands that are going sustainable by using eco-friendly and recycled materials, as well as environmentally friendly ways of producing the clothing pieces, I would love to see the UAE evolve into a Middle Eastern hub for sustainable fashion. We are starting to see the changes but there is still long way to go, but I have no doubt that the UAE will be there in less than 50 years.”