A Very Modern Role Model: Carla DiBello On Women and Career Success

BY Carla DiBello / Feb 14 2017 / 22:00 PM

Carla DiBello’s LA-to-UAE life marries gloss (she is best friends with Kim Kardashian West) with substance (she brokers nine-figure business deals) making her the ultimate expat

A Very Modern Role Model: Carla DiBello On Women and Career Success

If you asked me even a few years ago if most men are intimidated by women who earn high salaries, I would have answered ‘yes’ without a moment’s notice. But today, I’m not so quick to answer. In the last five years, the world has seen an enormous shift, shaking up every aspect of tradition – from career paths, to how business is done, to how information is shared, indirectly affecting other traditions, including dating and marriage.

Let’s start with careers. We all know there’s workplace inequality when it comes to sex and gender, the most commonly assumed inequality being a difference in pay. While that certainly still holds true in the sense of a traditional job, there is another kind of inequality that, while not entirely levelling the playing field, switches up the game altogether. It’s called social media – and when it comes to high income earners, it’s not men, but women who dominate the field and command the highest returns these days.

Having a career today means something different than it used to. Getting up and going to the same job at the same company every day from nine-to-five is no longer the only option. As the playing field changes, more people are working for themselves and setting their own schedules. More women are finding a voice and a platform to flex their business savvy and high income potential, often without even leaving the house. The rapid introduction of technology and social media has effectively turned the world into an office on a global schedule.

There are countless examples of how social media has allowed women to take control of their own careers and turn them into huge success stories. Women no longer have to rely on a significant other or a traditional workplace role to accomplish huge financial and career achievements. The more this happens, the more it is becoming the new normal.

Having a foot in both the more traditional business world and the world of social media (and especially where they intersect) has provided me with a little insight into how it affects the dynamics of dating. From my experience, if a man knows what he wants in life, he will not be intimidated by a woman with power and he will not be put off by a woman who is in control of her own finances. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that it has become a quality men have begun to seek out. You only have to look at some of the most high -profile relationships, such as George and Amal Clooney, Barack and Michelle Obama and, of course, Kim and Kanye, to know that in this day and age, achieving power couple status is the new goal.

While there are other qualities that are obviously important for a partner to have, it’s not a bad thing to be attracted to success. And I don’t just mean people who are already successful. There are qualities in a person that lead to success, such as ambition, grit, integrity, intelligence and an infallible determination to never give up. These are qualities that I feel are just as valuable in a female partner as they are in a male partner.

The best part of having my own successful career is that I don’t need anyone to pay my bills. However, I am inspired by collaborative minds and only interested in relationships where we both lift each other up. I have learned and grown from every one of my relationships. And when you have the right partner, you both do better.

In past eras it was traditional for a woman not to have a career. But today, it’s almost something a woman needs to do. It’s her secret weapon and part of what makes her who she is. I think it is important to seek out a partner you respect and who respects you back, regardless of what stage in your career or financial growth you are in. After all, when it all boils down, respect is what good relationships are built upon, and it’s a fundamental component to achieving success together.

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