Avoid Doing This One Thing On Your First Day Of A New Job

BY Paisley Gilmour / Apr 4 2018 / 17:16 PM

According to a careers expert

Avoid Doing This One Thing On Your First Day Of A New Job

If, like so many, you're struggling with imposter syndrome, starting a new job can feel daunting. Although you've already aced the application and interview, there might be this niggling doubt that you're not up to scratch. You have to remind yourself that you're there because you deserve to be, and because they want you.

But, knowing that doesn't necessarily make your first day any easier. You can prepare for your first day, but until you get in there and actually start doing the job, you really don't know how it's going to go. Well, a careers expert has made it all a lot easier by explaining that there's one thing you should avoid doing at all costs.

Jason Sackett told Glassdoor that the one thing you definitely shouldn't do when entering a new workplace, is talk about yourself. Often this occurs as a result of nerves; some people do it because they want to fill an awkward silence, while others feel the need to justify their hiring. But Jason says it's much better to spend time listening and learning about your new colleagues.

"To start gaining respect of colleagues and superiors on the first day, make it about them, not about you," he said. "A common first-day trap is to talk up your own past accomplishments and future ambitions, which makes people nervous or annoyed because they don’t know you.

"Instead, get curious and enquire about the roles, talents, and achievements of your colleagues to establish a persona as a listener, learner, and collaborator."

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