The Kuwaiti French Embassy Celebrates Dr Alanoud Alsharekh's Top Honour

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 9 2017 / 20:39 PM

After she becomes the first Kuwaiti to be awarded the French National Order of Merit for the defence of women’s rights

The Kuwaiti French Embassy Celebrates Dr Alanoud Alsharekh's Top Honour

The French Embassy in Kuwait has decorated human rights activist and Kuwaiti national Dr Alanoud Alsharekh, with the French National Order of Merit last night which she was awarded back in 2016. The membership which is bestowed by the President of the French Republic for a person’s civil achievements, marks her work not only in Kuwait but also the Middle East and around the world.

Alanoud’s achievements have seen her fight to support women's rights, working alongside both local and international bodies within the government and acting as an advisor offering her knowledge and insights into a number of cultural and sociopolitical issues across the region. Her work includes consulting at the SOAS University of London which is famed for its notable alumni including journalist Zeinab Badawi and her efforts with UNIFEM, Freedom House and the UNDP where she focused on academic and social outreach projects within her hometown Kuwait

Another huge subject which Alanoud has focused on is also establishing the campaign ‘Abolish 153’ which looks to finding justice for women killed in the name of ‘honour’. A tough subject to broach within the region, her 18-years of resilient work has undoubtedly paid off. Recognised by the Voice of Success Kuwait which she won in 2012 and also having received the Arab Prize for the best publication in a foreign journal by the Doha Institute back in 2014, Alanoud continues to be a pioneer in the field of women’s rights. 

Kuwaiti National Dr Al-Anoud Al-Sharekh's French National Order Of Merit