Emirati Folklore Group Perform The ‘Stick Dance’ At Great Wall Of China

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 22 2019 / 21:13 PM

One Chinese woman even joined in on the performance

Emirati Folklore Group Perform The ‘Stick Dance’ At Great Wall Of China

As part of the visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is set to visit China, the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development has been highlighting the importance of cultural interaction between the UAE and China. And so, to celebrate UAE-China Week, which is running until 24 July, the UAE folklore troupe put up a remarkable show at the Great Wall of China.

The troupe performed the Ayala dance, also known as the 'stick dance’, for tourists and locals. Onlookers were caught by surprise with the unannounced performance, with one Chinese woman even joining in.

The Ministry of Culture will also organise a heritage village that will feature handicrafts, such as burqas and clothing, as well as incense and henna, in addition to a cafe to introduce the Chinese public to Emirati coffee.

The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces landed in China today to meet with President Xi Jinping and other senior officials.

"Today, I am pleased to meet with my friend Xi Jinping, President of China," said the Sheikh. "We share common aspirations, investment vision in human capital & envisage future of safety, peace & stability worldwide. The #UAE & #China are moving towards a promising future."