Fans Chant “Equal Pay” As US Women’s Football Team Win World Cup

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 8 2019 / 16:03 PM

FIFA will award $30 million in prize money for the Women's World Cup compared to the $400 million awarded to men

Fans Chant “Equal Pay” As US Women’s Football Team Win World Cup

The U.S. women’s football team claimed their fourth World Cup victory yesterday, and were met in an exuberant crowd inside France's Stade de Lyon. “Deafening” chants of "equal pay" reverberated from the bleachers of the stadium, according to an attendee of the event.

According to CNN, the total prize money for the 2018 men’s World Cup was $400 million (Dhs1.4 billion), while this year, the women will receive $30 million (Dhs110 million), which was doubled from last year. This means that each player on the U.S. women's national team could receive about $260,000 (Dhs954,000) in maximum earnings for winning the Women's World Cup, while each player on the U.S. men's national team could have earned nearly $1 million (Dhs3.6 million) each for winning.

Fans, feminists and football comentators were quick to take to social media to point out the fans in the ever-important gender pay gap debate.

The US women’s team won 2-0 against the Netherlands.