Exclusive: Five Minutes With Lilian Afshar

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 8 2016 / 19:23 PM

The Dubai-based designer talks with Bazaar about her S/S16 collection inspirations, who she'd love to have over for dinner and Nelly Furtado

Exclusive: Five Minutes With Lilian Afshar
Clutches, Dhs2,995

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: Describe your spring/summer collection in five words...

Lilian Afshar: Soft, pastel, structured, matte and sleek.

HBA: What are five things that inspired your mood board for the S/S16 collection?

LA: The pastel-hued courts by Ward Roberts and public housing buildings in Hong Kong, John St. Clair swimming by David Hockney, a Palm Springs pink pastel door and a multi-coloured pastel marble tile by Soma - Six & Five.

The pastel-hued courts by Ward Roberts that sit alongside the colourful public housing in Hong Kong

HBA: If you could invite five people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

LA: One: Paul Gauguin. I’ve always been so fascinated about his unprompted move from France to Tahiti. Two: My maternal grandmother. It's my dream to have met her. She was from the north of Iran and had the most beautiful green eyes. Three: Rumi, so that he can remind me to enjoy the moment. Four: Tracy Chapman, because she's the coolest. Five: Nicolas Ghesquière. I’m a huge fan of his aesthetic.

HBA: Who was your style icon in 2006? How have you seen your personal style/taste develop over the past decade?

LA: Nelly Furtado was my style icon back then. It's very difficult to put in words how my style has developed as I think it happens naturally, without you really knowing or noticing.

HBA: What has been your career highlight so far?

LA: Bumping into the three Abdel Aziz sisters at Fashion Forward who were all wearing a piece from my A/W15 collection.

HBA: Who are some of your favourite accounts to follow on social media? 

LA: @artsxdesign, @gabscanu and @capbeautydaily

HBA: Where do you see your business five years from now?

LA: I see an expansion into homeware and costume jewellery – using marble, of course!

Coalesco II clutch, Dhs5,221, L'Afshar

The L'Afshar S/S16 collection is available now for pre-order at Lafshar.com