The First Pictures Of Hazzaa Al Mansoori In Space Are Here

BY Brian Timmer / Oct 2 2019 / 11:01 AM

The first Emirati Astronaut to visit the International Space Station shares his out of this world experience.

The First Pictures Of Hazzaa Al Mansoori In Space Are Here
twitter | @astro_hazzaa
The World's first Emirati in space, Hazzaa al-Mansoori, wearing the national uniform

Orbiting around the globe at eye-watering speeds of 28 000 kilometers per hour and located a lofty 400 kilometers above the sandy terra firma he's used to, the UAE's intrepid and ground-breaking astronaut looks like he is living his best life and loving every moment. 

That old saying, "Don't look down or you'll get dizzy and fall!" when you're up on a high, well, for @astro_hazzaa the only way is down as he shares this gorgeous snap of the UAE and Middle East, from all the way up in the safe confines of the International Space Station: 

It's not all about the instaworthy photo-ops however as our Hazzaa has undertaken some serious research, with 16 scientific experiments under his belt including this experiment (posted below) to study time perception in microgravity.  Heavy stuff in a weightless environment!

Another cute pic we couldn't resist, Mr Al Mansoori it seems has smuggled aboard a travel companion.  I guess space could be a little bit lonely, but not with Suhail aboard:

This incredible mission is quickly coming to an end however, as on October 3 Hazza Al Mansoori accompanied by two fellow astronauts, Russian commander Alexey Ovchinin and Nasa astronaut Nick Hague will be whisked back to Earth aboard a Soyuz MS-12 rocket, covering the distance back home in an impressive 3.5 hours.