The Real Story Behind Céline Dion's Personalised Dior Bag

BY Maddison Glendinning / Aug 7 2017 / 14:40 PM

It had us going for a minute

The Real Story Behind Céline Dion's Personalised Dior Bag

Over the weekend a highly confusing image of Céline Dion - who is officially our new style icon - carrying a Dior handbag emblazoned with her name across it caught the attention of the fash pack across the globe. Was this a personalised bag from Dior? Did it mean Céline (the brand) and Dior were teaming up for a collaboration that they were debuting on Céline (the person)? We really wanted that last one to be true, however it turns out the image was the work of Instagram parody artist Reilly. 

Reilly, whose account is @hey_reilly, is known for his funny parodies (which you can see examples of below) on fashion brands. Past images have included using Céline (the person) in Céline (the brand) posters, Chloë Sevigny in a Chloé advertisement, and Diana Ross from The Supremes in, you guessed it, a Supreme advert. 

Images: Instagram/HeyReilly

Dior saw the funny side of the image, reposting it to their account writing, "A new member of the Dior family has just been baptized: welcome Céline!"

Admittedly, this is what caused us the most confusion as we assumed it was a Dior-sanctioned make. Sadly that wasn't the case this time around but we're not-so secretly hoping this might inspire some collaborations in the near future...