How This Emirati Artist Is Creating 'Something Beautiful From The Mundane' This Weekend

BY Tally Sargent / Apr 11 2019 / 18:05 PM

Maryam Taher has linked up with dessert café Pastryology to show how Emirati women can come together to create magnificence from the ordinary

How This Emirati Artist Is Creating 'Something Beautiful From The Mundane' This Weekend

Self-taught budding Emirati artist Maryam Taher will be creating limited edition felt-tip portrait designs of women on Pastryology’s dessert boxes and coffee cups over the weekend.

The local artist and visual arts student has joined forces with the luxury café as an extension of the Dubai Art Week celebrations that took place last month. Taher will be creating the unique ‘line art’ designs to highlight the empowerment of local talent and to promote the recognition of Emirati women as an inspiration for the region.

Courtesy of Pastryology

“Our objective behind this collaboration is not only to build continued awareness of art week in Dubai, but to show the community that art can be found and created on any platform, and better if it stands for an underlying purpose,” says Aisha Sharaf, the Founder of Pastryology.

Courtesy of Pastryology

With each box and each coffee cup being as unique as the women that influence the region, Sharaf goes on to say, “These artistic designs by Maryam form an unspoken bond of support, encouraging a women-for-women ideal, and showcasing the powerful potential of Emirati women coming together to construct something beautiful from the mundane.”

The artistically embellished boxes and coffee cups will be served on a first come first serve basis, from 12 – 13 April 2019 in the Pastryology café