Podcast: Singer Brenna Whitaker On Songs That Have Shaped Her Life

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 25 2019 / 14:07 PM

For those looking for an authentic jazz club experience—rather than the cheesy dinner-club vibe that prevails all too often around town—Q’s Bar and Lounge is a must

Podcast: Singer Brenna Whitaker On Songs That Have Shaped Her Life

For those who have ever been of the sentiment that Dubai is devoid of culture and rich in gentrified bars and clubs need only to step inside Palazzo Versace’s Quincy Jones. The venues feel like a Hollywood cinematographer’s vision of a Manhattan jazz club, with plush leather seats, low-lit tables with a single candle and no windows, making for a cozy basement space feels like a speakeasy.

The jazz lounge is notable for its roster of bands-in-residence, and this summer belongs to the phenomenal Brenna Whitaker. For five nights a week, the US singer and her three-piece band can be heard performing until until August 17. You'll hear classic jazz as well as more contemporary-flavored approaches with a healthy dose of burlesque and soul – think renditions of Stevie Won-der, Etta James, James Taylor and Peggy Lee. The vibe is intimate, informal, friendly and makes for the best date night or girls’ night out.

BAZAAR, upon falling in love with everything the evening had to offer, sat down with Brenna Whitaker to learn more about the woman who has worked with David Foster and Gladys Knight to talk music, motherhood and the Middle East. 

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