Ramadan in Kuwait: Where To Shop, Eat, And Hang Out

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 21 2019 / 20:45 PM

Regional designer Bazza Alzouman shares her ultimate guide to Ramadan in Kuwait

Ramadan in Kuwait: Where To Shop, Eat, And Hang Out
Bazza Alzouman

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Where are your best places to shop for unique Ramadan-friendly looks?
Bazza Alzouman: In Kuwait, it's best to shop for Ramadan friendly looks at the many exhibitions held before and during Ramadan, some start as early as March. Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, and Alothman, also have a selection of outfits for Ramadan and are a good place to start. Alternatively there are great websites like karkoosha.com and thouqi.com. My personal favourite is Ounass.com


HBA: What are the best places to eat during Ramadan?
BA: Rarely do people break their fasts outside of their family homes, but all restaurants try to cater for Ramadan and often have special menus for the month for people who do want something a little different. There isn't much time between futoor and suhoor, if I do want to go out with my friends we either go to a coffee shop, Arabica is a favourite of mine, or Pick Yo which is a local Kuwaiti frozen yogurt and light snack concept. I've usually had so much coffee post futoor that frozen yogurt is our outing of choice during this month and they have many locations to choose from. For those who do want something light, they also have a variety of sandwiches and bowls that can be heated up upon request. There's a branch at Alhamra Mall, which is also a nice place to go, they have live Arabic music and oud at night and gives up a good vibe.

HBA: The best places to spend and activities to do during the day
BA: During the day a lot of people like to go to the malls, since it's so warm out. The trend the past few years has been pre-futoor walking at the Avenues, it has really turned into an indoor track once the stores have closed! I try to go to Alive Yoga and get in a light workout because it is so much harder to get around at night and the traffic gets crazy.