This Is The New iPhone Update That Has The Fash Pack Talking

BY Louise Nichol / Oct 25 2016 / 21:25 PM

Now everyone can shoot like a street style star

This Is The New iPhone Update That Has The Fash Pack Talking
Sazan Hendrix

They are the holy grail of street style images – head-to-toe shots of a straight-from-the-catwalk look popping against an artfully blurred background, ideally Paris’s Tuileries Garden. Well, we can’t help with the Parisian location, nor the runway-fresh attire, but as of today everyone (who owns an iPhone 7 Plus) can capture that soft focus background using nothing more than your phone. Following the iOS 10.1 update, which has just been released, iPhone 7 Plus owners can now access a Portrait mode in the camera app (it’s between Photo and Square). Using whizzy computer technology, this mode fakes what the pros do with expensive camera lenses that use a low focal point to create a shallow depth of field effect whereby the subject pops out and the background fades into an aesthetically pleasing blur. It’s only available on the iPhone 7 Plus for now but is set to revolutionise the lives of bloggers who rely on photographers with bulky and expensive DSLR cameras to capture their daily looks. Use it against a lit-up background and you’ll create a pretty twinkling effect caused by circular reflections of light that the pros refer to as bokeh.

Testing out the new update with our very own Bazaar Café cup

The release of Portrait mode is just the latest in the iPhone 7’s improved camera functionality that’s set to make our lives more effortlessly photogenic. The selfie function on all iPhone 7s has been moved to the bottom right to enable switching to the front camera more easily, and the 7’s new Wide Colour Capture technology is so effective at reproducing colours in high def that we hear Instagram will be updating its filters and even introducing a new filter specifically to maximise its potential. Factor in the new seven-megapixel selfie camera on the front of the new iPhone 7 (up from five on the 6S) and taking pictures like a street style pro just got a whole lot easier. Flights to Paris sadly not included.