Uber’s Lost And Found Stats For The Middle East Will Blow Your Mind

BY Milli Midwood / Mar 11 2019 / 22:08 PM

This is the most forgotten item left in the back of Ubers

Uber’s Lost And Found Stats For The Middle East Will Blow Your Mind
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Uber, the ride-hailing company responsible for getting us from our Friday blow-outs to our Friday brunches, has shared some jaw-dropping stats from their lost property department.

The fleet of cars’ lost and found inventory boasts a startling array of items, and according to the latest transparency data published this week, and for the first time in such granular detail, Uber drivers sorted through hundreds of items – some far more obscure than others.

Ahead, a look inside lost and found cab culture, from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and beyond.

The 10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan:
1. Handbags, backpacks and other forms of luggage
2. Phones and cameras
3. Clothes
4. Wallets and purses
5. Keys
6. Glasses
7. Headphones and speakers
8. Water bottles 
9. Phone chargers
10. Jewellery and make-up

The 20 Most Unique Lost Items:
1. Pink teddy bear in the backseat
2. Wedding card invitation
3. Dokha Set
4. Shisha
5. Kids scooter
6. Family photo
7. Board game
8. Binoculars
9. A sibling
10. Concert tickets
11. Towels
12. Graduation cap
13. Platter of eggs
14. Bag of spices
15. Stethoscope
16. Air condition
17. Baby stroller
18. Bag of rice
19. Flute
20. Microwave

The 15 Most "Forgetful” cities:
1. Qassim, KSA
2. Abu Dhabi, UAE
3. Madinah, KSA
4. Eastern Province, KSA
5. Riyadh, KSA
6. Dubai, UAE
7. Jeddah, KSA
8. Manama, Bahrain
9. Beirut, Lebanon
10. Amman, Jordan
11. Islamabad, Pakistan
12. Cairo, Egypt
13. Karachi, Pakistan
14. Lahore, Pakistan
15. Hyderabad, Pakistan

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