UNHCR’s Ramadan Campaign Spotlights The Journeys Of Three Refugees

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 21 2019 / 19:38 PM

The UN Refugee Agency is urging everyone to donate at this time of giving

UNHCR’s Ramadan Campaign Spotlights The Journeys Of Three Refugees

The UN's Refugee Agency has just launched their 2019 Ramadan campaign, 'Be The Light', and it raises awareness of the daily challenges faced by refugees

The campaign video puts names and faces to the refugee narrative - Bilal, Salem, and Amina - illustrating their struggle finding safety and stability after being displaced from their homes. The campaign was produced locally in the UAE, which marks a first.

A still from UNHCR's 'Be The Light' campaign video

Those living in refugee camps often have to confront the thought of the future, whilst being told to let go of the past, when in many cases it was a time when they had a home, were surrounded by family and enjoyed a higher quality of life. Ramadan can be a particularly difficult time, since it can hold memories of a happier period spent with loved ones. The campaign asks the public to 'Be The Light' for refugees, providing them with real hope and certainty to take forward into the coming months and giving them a reason to see a bright future for themselves. 

According to official UNHCR figures, 68.5 million people around the globe are forcibly displaced. 25.4 million of those people are being looked after by the UNHCR, and will spend on average 17 years in a refugee camp. The programme emphasises the importance of doing our part to support the cause, however small our contribution may seem. 

Watch their 90-second campaign video here.