Egyptian Icon Yousra's Success By The Numbers

BY Nadera Rajab / Mar 10 2019 / 20:11 PM

In celebration of the singer and actress’ birthday, we count the major moments in her remarkable career

Egyptian Icon Yousra's Success By The Numbers

Yousra has starred in 85 films and 20 television shows.

The Egyptian star’s first on-screen apppearence dates back to 1980 in the film Athkiya' Laken Aghbiya (Smart Yet Stupid).

One street in Egypt is named after the iconic star

A street in El Gouna, Egypt was named after Yousra to honour the highly-acclaimed multitalented artist.

Her music video with Abu has reached 438 million views.

The hit single “3 Daqat” a musical collaboration between her and Abu was released in 2017.

The actress/singer took a break from her music career for 10 years.

The song “3 Daqat” marked Yoursa’s return onto the music scene.

She has been a judge at 3 international film festivals.

The highly-respected Egyptian actress has been on the panel of judges for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Gouna Film Festival, and is the honorary president of the Cairo International Film Festival.

She landed #88 on Arabian Business' 100 Most Powerful Arab Women list.

The triple threat singer, actress, and philanthropist earned her ranking on the prestigious list because of her many successful career ventures. AKA, she never just stayed in one lane - and it majorly paid off.

The UNDP goodwill ambassador has earned over 50 awards in recognition of her philanthropic work.

The United Nations Development Programme appointed Yousra as one of their ambassadors and have commended her numerous times on her commitment to various causes.

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