BAZAAR’S Top Five Tips On Becoming A Creative Director

BY Naomi Chadderton / Jun 4 2019 / 19:19 PM

What qualities do you need to become a leading Creative Director? BAZAAR’s leading lady Jolie Wernette-Horn shares her tips from the top…

BAZAAR’S Top Five Tips On Becoming A Creative Director

It’s many designers’ ultimate goal to become the Creative Director of a successful publication or agency, but you need more than just a creative resume to make it to the top. From Vogue and W to both the regional and local Harper’s BAZAAR publications, our Group Creative Director Jolie Wernette-Horn has worked across some of the biggest titles in the industry, and now she’s shared with us her pro advice for snagging the top spot. You’re welcome. 

1. Always be on the lookout for new content. Follow as many photographers and art directors as you can on Instagram. Learn from the best and see what other people are doing. When I was younger, I would read every magazine I could get my hands on. I even spent my high school graduation brushing up on the newest issue of the fashion and music magazine, The Face.

2. Secure an internship. There’s no better way to learn than first hand. It may not start as glamorous work, but seeing how a magazine or agency works from the ground up is crucial. My first internship was at W Magazine in New York and my first task was to design the table of contents. I’d never been more proud to see my work in print.

3. Find a mentor. Someone who you can learn from and will help you navigate the fast-paced world of fashion and design. My first boss in New York showed me all the ropes and I will be forever grateful.

4. Be patient. There is no jumping the line when it comes to the fashion and design industry. Start as a designer and work your way up. I was at my first magazine job two years before I was given my first shoot.

5. Be part of the team. Fashion is a collaborative effort. No one person is solely responsible for a shoot. I work closely with the stylist to create a mood board that can then be interpreted by a hair and make-up team, while the producer makes it all come to life.

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