Alicia Keys Is On Holiday With Her Family In Egypt And They’re Learning Arabic

BY Milli Midwood / Sep 2 2018 / 20:59 PM

Wahid, ithnan, thalatha, arba'a…

Alicia Keys Is On Holiday With Her Family In Egypt And They’re Learning Arabic

Alicia Keys is currently holidaying in Egypt with her husband Kasseem Dean, better known by his stage name Swizz Beatz, and two sons Egypt Daod and Gensis Ali Dean.

The former Harper's Bazaar Arabia cover star and her partner have been sharing several glimpses into their picturesque holiday where they’ve been immersing themselves in the Arabic culture.

“Some call it the sphinx but we learned the original name is Heruemahket,” she captions a picture of her in front of the Sphinx.

The mother-of-two also shared a photo of her two sons, who are of North African decent, playing with sand in front of the pyramids. Alicia writes: “I just want them to know how powerful they are… How incredible our ancestors were… The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it. It’s such a blessing to know what cloth you’re cut from!”

The Grammy award-winning artist continued to share several Pinterest-worthy pictures in iconic Egyptian landmarks.

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Hubby Swizz Beats, who is a rapper and producer, also posted a video on Instagram depicting the family taking Arabic lessons and reciting the alphabet.

Take a scroll through the family vacation to see inside their trip to the desert.

I feel at home & at peace

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