Emirates Airline Is Set To Launch Premium Economy

BY Sarah Garden / May 31 2018 / 15:28 PM

It sounds like the new A380s are going to be pretty special

Emirates Airline Is Set To Launch Premium Economy

The price jump from economy to business class is considerable, and it all adds up if you’re a regular traveller. Emirates is about to deliver the answer to many of its jet-setting customers’ needs: premium economy.

The airline’s president, Sir Tim Clark, says that Emirates will be launching the highly-anticipated premium economy seats in 2020.

Speaking on Emirates World, the airline’s podcast, Clark said: “The airplanes that we ordered, the latest A380s - the first six of which come in 2020 – we will be installing premium economy in those, and it will be an Emirates premium economy, so it will be special.”

He didn’t specify exactly what these premium economy seats would offer, only revealing that they would be “special”.

Although Emirates has identified the demand for a class in between economy and business, it seems that many travelers are still keen to book premium seats. Clark said that demand for first class “remains strong in the Middle East and will continue into the future.”

The new A380s were ordered in January of this year, and apparently they’re going to be pretty amazing. “We have already ‘spec’d out’ the airplanes; we know exactly what we’re going to do, [and] where we’re going to place these seats, which zones (destinations)and how we’re designing the product,” Clark said.

Bring on 2020!