Exclusive: Dana Hourani Releases Her Debut Single

BY Connie Chamberlayne / Apr 30 2019 / 13:13 PM

Your first-ever listen to 'Ella Enta' is here

Exclusive: Dana Hourani Releases Her Debut Single
Youtube/Harper's BAZAAR Arabia

This morning, Dana Hournai releases her highly-anticipated debut single exclusively with BAZAAR. After months of waiting, the musician and visual artist’s song Ella Enta is now available. Press play on the video below for your first-ever listen to music’s next big hit.

Mirroring her own musical vision and featuring an extract from Eric Satie’s classical piano piece “Gymnopedie n°1”, “Ella Enta” (Except For You), BAZAAR's May cover star's debut song and music video is born from a collaboration with various talented Beirut-based musicians and producers, and talks about the power of love in curing melancholy, while examining our modern-life obsession with image. “And now, everything in my life is a script on repeat, except for you”, Dana sings in the ballad’s contemplative chorus.

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Ethereal Dancer: Introducing our May 2019 cover star, @dana.hourani. In a nod to her multifaceted creative modalities, Bazaar delves deeper into what shapes Dana's artistic voice, why she is refusing to conform to the predefined notion of being an 'influencer' and unapologetically moving to the beat of her own drum. Tap the link in the bio to read more... الراقصة الأثيرية: نقدم لكم نجمة غلاف شهر مايو 2019، دانا حوراني. في إيماءة نحو أشكالها الإبداعية متعددة الوجوه، تتحرى بازار أكثر في الأمور التي تصيغ صوت دانا الإبداعي، وسبب رفضها الانصياع للقوالب التقليدية التي تطبع الشخصيات المؤثرة اليوم، وكيف تسير واثقة الخطى بأسلوبها المميز دون أي شعور بالذنب لخروجها عن كل ما هو مألوف. اقرأي المزيد في عددنا لشهر مايو... . Photographer: @kristianschuller Videographer: @emiliano.tv Creative Direction: @peggyschuller Stylist: @gemmalouisedeeks Interview: @salmaawwadofficial Outfit: @ingieparis #SS19

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“The song is about a public figure who despite her success can only find peace and inspiration in love. It is a rendition of my life as a modern Arab woman who questions the boundaries we draw between what is public and what is private, between life projected on social media and reality. It is about me using the universal language of music to reflect what I usually express in my photographs: the correlation between East and West that inspires my visual art. “Ella Enta” is my attempt to translate into Arabic, the emotions that so far I have been so accustomed to expressing in English”, explains Dana.

Watch Dana's’s debut single exclusively on BAZAAR’s YouTube channel.