Harry Styles Got A Haircut And The Internet Is Divided

BY Sara AlHumiri / Sep 4 2019 / 14:30 PM

New hair, but we do care

Harry Styles Got A Haircut And The Internet Is Divided

A fashion icon and a musician with the voice (and face) of an angel, Harry Styles rarely disappoints his fans – except for this time. Spotted in Italy this weekend debuting a brand new bowl-cut hairstyle, the Gucci ambassador had fans totally divided over his new 'do. Gone are the days of his long curly-haired signature flip that even rivalled that of Justin Beiber circa 2009. But as the saying goes: out with the old and in with the new – we now have a short-haired rugged Harry Styles.

This bowl-cut seems to be something of a trend recently, and has been adopted by other A-List celebrities from Charlize Theron to Bella Hadid (ok Bella's was a wig at the Met, but still!). As much as we think that you can never go wrong with a new ‘do, many of Harry’s fans are not handling the change well. Some are likening him to Harry Potter, others to Jonathon Byers (played Charlie Heaton in Stranger Things).

If you’re an ex-Directioner or even a modern day Styler - brace yourselves, because our favourite internet boyfriend has had a complete hairstyle change, and BAZAAR has rounded up the funniest reactions that followed with it.

…pure disbelief even.

Some even loyal fans to the very end.

And some love it!

The singer and actor might have received backlash over this new chop, but we always stan.