How Celebrities Are Speaking Out On Lebanon's Riots

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 20 2019 / 16:17 PM

The socialites are just as fired up about the country's turmoils as its protesters...

How Celebrities Are Speaking Out On Lebanon's Riots
Instagram/nadinenassibnjeim; JessicaKahawaty

Tensions in Lebanon are currently running high. Since the massive forest fires in the Chouf Mountains in Lebanon, there has been an even bigger discord between the country's civilians and it's elite ruling class. Lebanon's civilians - from Bikfaya, to Downtown Beirut or even Saida, have been protesting against the Lebanese government, opposing their values & ethics which have long been corrupting the country.

Protesters are demanding the overturn of the government and are asking for MP's and parliament members to quit. Strikes, road closures and fires have taken over the country's street to draw attention to the political unrest in the country. Protestors have been marching day and night for their rights since Friday in crowds of tens and thousands; there is no denying that a revolution is in the midst.  While some protests are aggressive, the majority are peaceful and have resorted to using patriotic Lebanese anthems and cheers; it is impossible to ignore the videos of the events that are flooding our social media feeds. 

Many Lebanese celebrities and influencers have also joined in on the revolution either by leveraging their social media platforms or by joining in on the protests themselves. They, too, want the voice of the Lebanese people to be heard - Lebanon is rising.

Scroll through to take a look at some of the prominent protest videos and posts from some of the country's high-profile influencers and celebs...

Our previous cover-star Nadine Nassib Njeim took to the streets of Lebanon and protested amongst the people - she captions "we are with you" to show a united front:

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#ثورة #revolution #لبنان

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Our October cover-star, Lebanese film director and activist, Nadine Labaki posts a video that has gone viral of a Lebanese man confronting the soldiers who have been deployed in regions across the country. She captions a statement from the video and says that she hopes we will always speak our minds, being inspired by that man...

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this is #lebanon proudly lebanese

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Renowned Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram tweets: “My heart goes out to my country every moment and with every heartbeat. We are a people who deserves to live and it is our right to live with dignity. May God protect Lebanon.”

Even Jessica Kahawaty dedicates a long heartfelt message to her home-country.