Ingie Chalhoub Gives Back To Society As She Meets Syrian Refugees In Jordan

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 7 2019 / 16:43 PM

The President and Managing Director of the Etoile Group is part of UNICEF’s Dubai-based ‘Leadership Circle’

Ingie Chalhoub Gives Back To Society As She Meets Syrian Refugees In Jordan
Christopher Herwig
Ingie Chalhoub visits Syrian refugees in Jordan

She may have already ticked businesswoman, entrepreneur and designer off her list, but Ingie Chalhoub is also a woman of the people. Having recently embarked on a trip to Jordan to visit a refugee camp for Syrian refugees, the Middle East’s first lady in luxury has even further underlined her growing commitment to philanthropy by visiting children in both camps, vocational centres and schools in the marginalized Amman suburb of Baqaa.

Ingie Chalhoub plays with the chidren in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan

Jordan has hosted tens of thousands of refugees from Palestine, Iraq and Syria for decades, and Chalhoub – along with five other of UNICEF’s Dubai-based ‘Leadership Circle’ - made the trip to discover how UNICEF Jordan has built programmes to ensure that the 340,000 child refugees from the Syrian conflict, now in its ninth year, are supported and nurtured at a critical time in their development.


“I was really impressed at the resilience of these children and the work that UNICEF is doing to ensure that they go to school like any child anywhere and get an education that provides them with hope and happiness,” said Chalhoub. “I expected something entirely different from a community that fled the ruins of their homes in the Syrian civil war, but instead of sadness and despair, I found hope in the eyes of the thousands of children there.”

“Jordan has welcomed refugees with open arms for decades, even though it is not a rich country and has few resources,” she added. “We should all applaud Jordan for what it is doing on behalf of the international community and all humanity.”