Here's How The Jordanian Royal Family Celebrated Independence Day

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 29 2019 / 18:23 PM

This year, the Arab nation commemorated the 73rd anniversary of its independence

Here's How The Jordanian Royal Family Celebrated Independence Day

25 May was Independence Day in Jordan, a national holiday historic date marking the end of the British protectorate and the birth of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan back in 1946. As festivities took place around the country to celebrate the nation's 73rd year of independence, all eyes were on the Jordanian royals. 

A ceremony was held at the Cultural Palace in Amman to honour the occasion, attended by Her Majesty Queen Rania, His Majesty King Abdullah, Crown Prince Hussein, Prince Hashem and Princess Salma, as well as several other royal family members, senior officials, politicians, diplomats and army officers. The Jordanian rulers' second daughter, Princess Iman, had returned to university so was unable to join the celebration, according to her mother. On arrival, King Abdallah was greeted with a customary 21-gun salute by the Royal Guard of Honour. He then presented a number of the country's academic institutions and celebrated figures with medals, in recognition of their extraordinary achievements and service to the nation. 

Jordan's Queen Rania, looking chic as ever, donned a dark green kaftan with geometric gold details and sleeveless beige shawl, completing the look with a simple gold belt and Chloé Nile bracelet bag. The royals later wished a happy Independence Day to fellow Jordanians on social media. 

Several days later, the former BAZAAR cover star took to Instagram stories to share some videos of a family iftar. Want to know what a royal iftar looks like? Well...pretty normal, actually. The heart-warming clips of Jordan's royals sent the Internet into a frenzy, giving the public a much-coveted glimpse into an evening in the life of the royal family.

It was a chilled night in - King Abdullah and Prince Hashem broke their fast with dates and water whilst the call to prayer sounded in the background, his children Princess Salma, Princess Iman and Crown Prince Hussein helped to lay the table and the whole family then took a seat to enjoy all manner of tasty dishes - spot the hummus, kibbeh and qatayef for dessert.