Kim Kardashian Is Starring In A Movie With Jennifer Lopez

BY Kasia Truscott / Oct 31 2019 / 14:02 PM

The reality star teased fans on social media with details of her first big acting gig

Kim Kardashian Is Starring In A Movie With Jennifer Lopez
Instagram/KimKardashian & Instagram/JLo

Kim Kardashian may have just broken the internet (again), after she revealed that she's currently working a brand new acting project with Jennifer Lopez. The reality star and make-up mogul has made several small cameos in films in the past, but it sounds as though this upcoming role could be her biggest break on the silver screen yet. 

In short video posted to Instagram, Kim teased the details with E! News host Jason Kennedy, who asked the star: "You're working on something with JLo?"

Kim was quick to reply, revealing: "I am. My first big acting gig with Jennifer Lopez... I'm so excited."

Kim is clearly very thrilled about the upcoming project, even confirming that she'd already learned all of her lines. While Kennedy went on to tell viewers that they couldn't reveal anymore details about the upcoming project, it's safe to say that all of us are already pretty hooked. 

Lopez is currently shooting her next movie, Marry Me, where she was spotted wearing a dramatic wedding gown, adorned in jewels, by Zuhair Murad in NYC.