Meet The First Emirati National To Host A Global TED Talk

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Oct 22 2017 / 15:57 PM

Sarah Amiri is shattering the glass ceiling

Meet The First Emirati National To Host A Global TED Talk
Sarah Amiri

As the Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and Science Lead for the UAE's ambitious Mars Mission Hope project, Emirati national Sarah Amiri is a perfect fit for this year's TEDWomen conference in New Orleans, a three-day event highlighting the role of women as change-makers in all industries.

Amiri had previously spoken at a TED X Salon event in Dubai last November but her presence at the US conference marks the first time an Emirati has taken to the global TED stage and in celebration, Alserkal are hosting a free live-stream of the event on November 2.

TEDxDubai curator, Natascia Radice explained why the UAE doesn't usually host gender specific events, but was happy to make an exception in this case:

"It’s easy to throw an all-female festival and then use that as an excuse to keep running a male agenda, so for me, as curator of TEDxDubai, it was important to give all women speakers the same opportunities as men in front of a mixed audience... I couldn’t be happier or prouder to cheer for Sarah Amiri hosting our first TEDxDubaiWomen.”

Watch Sarah's previous TED Talk here:


The TEDxDubaiWomen live streaming party runs from 17:30 – 19:00 on Thursday, November 2 at Alserkal Avenue with a limit of 100 seats. For more information and to register, visit