Did Serena Williams Just Give Away The Gender Of The Royal Baby?

BY Delara Zand / Apr 9 2019 / 16:09 PM

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have so far kept Baby Sussex’s gender under wraps, but the couple’s close friend may have just let it slip

Did Serena Williams Just Give Away The Gender Of The Royal Baby?
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The legendary athlete is a known close associate of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, having instantly bonded with the Duchess at a charity football game when they first met back in 2014. Williams attended the royal wedding in May (in an elegant pastel pink Versace dress, might we add) and reportedly co-hosted Meghan’s New York baby shower earlier this year.

In a recent interview with E! News, the tennis champion was quizzed about her good friend Meghan’s pregnancy. She explained that she thought Meghan would be “the best mom, for sure”, and revealed that she’s been giving the royal mum-to-be some tips of her own, Williams being mother to one-year-old Olympia. She shared that her number-one tip was to accept mistakes and not to strive for perfection.

Fans are wondering whether Williams let the cat out the bag and referred to Baby Sussex as ‘she’. Williams said, "My friend is pregnant, and she was like, 'My kid’s gonna do this,’ and I just looked at her like, 'No, she’s not.’" She then appeared to cover it up with, “No, you’re not.”

We cannot, however, confirm that Williams was alluding to the Duchess of Sussex, as she didn’t name her and merely called her ‘my friend’. It's worth bearing in mind that since Williams has a daughter herself, she may have instinctively spoken about the baby as a girl. 

Speculation has been rife amongst fans since Meghan’s pregnancy was announced, although the royal precedent is to withhold the baby’s gender from the public until after the child is born.

We’ll find out soon enough for ourselves, since Meghan’s due date is said to be later this month

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