Offset Gifts Cardi B A 100-Carat Diamond Ring

BY Shivani Mathur / Oct 14 2019 / 16:27 PM

The extravagant ring features a diamond so big, that its known as the 'Titanic diamond'

Offset Gifts Cardi B A 100-Carat Diamond Ring

Offset proves that he’s the master of grand gestures.

Cardi B and Offset never seemed to have left the headlines this year. Their high-drama relationship has seen a marriage, a cheating scandal, a divorce announcement, a public on-stage apology at a concert and then reconciliation. Whew! 

And just when you thought things might be settling down, Offset pulls out all the stops with his birthday present for his wife with a massive diamond ring that is estimated to contain around 100 carats of diamonds. Yep, 100 carats. It features a diamond so big that its literally been dubbed as the "titanic diamond'. 

The exquisite ring, designed by New York based Pristine Jewellers, is undoubtedly one of the blingiest rocks we have ever seen on a celebrity, or even royalty. While Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara have all sported massive diamonds gifted by their beaus, this one stands out because, well it is 100 carats. The price of the ring is still unknown but we imagine it will be positively astronomical.