Queen Elizabeth Trolled American Tourists - And We Can't Stop Laughing!

BY Rohma Theunissen / Sep 19 2019 / 10:48 AM

The British monarch has such a good sense of humor

Queen Elizabeth Trolled American Tourists - And We Can't Stop Laughing!

Although being The Queen has many perks (not needing a passport, having your face on bills, the jewels and the palaces) no one can deny the that Queen Elizabeth’s job is pretty intense and requires her to be serious most of the time. Which is why we absolutely love hearing that the world’s longest reigning monarch actually has a fantastic sense of humor! The Queen’s former protection officer Richard Griffin, has just shared an amazing story about a time when she seized the opportunity to troll tourists who didn’t recognize her.

According to Griffin, there was one time when Queen Elizabeth was approached by a group of American tourists as they were walking near her Balmoral Estate in Scotland. The Queen, wearing a headscarf and tweed coat, was asked if she lived in the area, to which she responded by saying yes, she had a house nearby. The tourists then proceeded to ask if she has ever met the Queen, to which she wittily responded, “No,” and pointed to Griffin and said, “But he has!” And then walked away from the group who clearly didn’t recognize who they were talking to!

We cannot stop laughing at the story – how her protection officer kept a straight face during the encounter is unfathomable. Also, how does anyone not know what the Queen looks like especially in the UK, you see her face everytime you pay for anything!

Queen Elizabeth has many accolades to her name, and we love that we can add one more: the Queen of trolling clueless tourists. It's no wonder she is still everyone's favorite royal - long live the Queen!

Balmoral Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland