Inside The Launch Of The Arab World's Newest Entertainment Platform, TenTime

BY Allyson Portee / Apr 30 2019 / 10:20 AM

George Wassouf, Assi El Hellani, Seif Nabil, Israa El Assil, Nour El Zein, Annabella Hilal, Rima Njeim, Neshan, Assem Youssef, Miss Lebanon, Maya Reaidy, Joelle Mardinian, and Amaal Bechoucha were all in attendance

Inside The Launch Of The Arab World's Newest Entertainment Platform, TenTime
Anas Al Jarrah
Left: CMO Mrs. Mira Mouawad Yaacoub, Right: Instagram/ToniBreiss

Over the weekend, TenTime launched its online platform in a star-studded evening in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, along the Mediterranean Sea. Guests from all over the Middle East, including Jordan, Iraq and Gulf countries, partied and dined the night away. 


Held at the Seaside Pavilion, a luxury events space, over 500 guests entered on a chess board-esque floor with black and with black and white squares and candle lights lining the entryway. Couture ballgowns, cocktail dresses and tuxedos filled the space as guests mingled the night away. Attendees were ushered to a TenTime step and repeat wall as celebrities and government dignitaries took photos and gave interviews. The grand ballroom was lined with tables of all sizes, ensconced with engineered lighting of oranges, purples, blue and yellow hues- with the stage as the center of attraction.

Left: Mrs. Rima Njeim, Middle: Mrs Zeina Makki, Right: Miss Lebanon Ms. Maya Reaidy, Courtesy of Anas Al Jarrah 

Lebanese singer, Adham Nabulsi stunned the audience as he walked in. And Lebanese journalist, Neshan captivated the crowd taking selfies with people. And the radiant Iraqi Oriental Channel Cadre shined at the event with their team.

Singer Adham Naboulsi, Courtesy of Anas Al Jarrah

TenTime is a new platform for the Arabic speaking world - think Netflix for the Middle East. “It’s a unique Arabic platform”, said Walid Finan, TenTime’s CEO. "We have offer so many things that other platforms do not provide and we’re on demand. We have a variety of Arabic movies and TV shows, as well as dubbed movies and music to offer.”

The event was televised live on Lebanon’s MTV channel and opened with a choreographed dance routine and a recap video of guests arriving. Guests sat down to a three-course meal with cocktail drinks and entertainment throughout the night, emceed by Lebanese journalist, Annabella Hilal. 

“I’m enjoying my time a lot and the night was very fun and engaging as this new entertainment platform will influence the Middle East. I’m very happy to be here,” said Armenian attendee Christine Derboghossian.

Organised and designed by Lebanese worldwide wedding and event designer, Toni Breiss of LEVEL by Toni Breiss Paris, who is based in Paris with offices in Beirut, Saudi Arabia and worldwide.


Lebanese actress Pamela El Kil stole stares in her pearl beaded dress. “My passion is acting and I love my job. I try to have to have fun as much as I can while doing everything and this TenTime event is awesome. I am happy that I was invited here to the launch of this platform. I wish them good luck and look forward to enjoying the night.”

Singer Saif Nabil Courtesy of Anas Al Jarrah

The event ended with Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel taking to the stage, getting the audience drawn into his performance with his singing and background choreographed fire drum performance.

Each guest left with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet in their giftbag. The gala will have guests and viewers talking for a long time.