What 3 Game-Changing Saudi Athletes Think About Supporting Women In Their Field

BY Milli Midwood / Mar 8 2019 / 18:04 PM

Ahead of International Women’s Day, BAZAAR speaks to Raha Moharrak, Lojain Alrefae and Saja Kamal about female empowerment in Saudi Arabia and beyond

What 3 Game-Changing Saudi Athletes Think About Supporting Women In Their Field

Hot on the heels (pun always intended) of their Continental 80 campaign, which saw six young Saudi talents, from authors to directors, take to the streets of Jeddah to model the brand’s iconic sneakers, Adidas are back in the Kingdom and have called on three game-changing athletes ahead of International Women’s Day.

Lojain Alrefae, the first sportswear abaya designer, Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and first Saudi to conquer Mount Everest, and Saja Kamal, a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and football player have collaborated with the sports brand and their Ultraboost campaign to highlight and champion female empowerment ahead of tomorrow’s day of recognition.

Each women has spearheaded a movement and broken barriers in their respective field. Here, BAZAAR speaks to each of this prolific women and rounds up their most inspirational quotes.

Raha Moharrak

"Women are so strong and we are just now beginning to connect, share and understand what that strength means and how powerful it is to effect change in our world."

"At this point in my career, I have already set records and broken glass ceilings, so while I appreciate receiving support from others, I am more concerned about supporting the next generation."

"We need to continually look for opportunities to lift each other up. We need to share our knowledge, connect each other with people who can help us achieve our goals, and most importantly, we need to be there to dust each other off when we fall."

Lojain Alrefae

"We, as women within the same field of fitness, understand that the strength of our foundation lies in our trust and support in one another."

"I believe female empowerment means having respect, strength and confidence in myself, in order to habilitate and influence a movement towards a brighter future."

"Let’s continue to support one another in all future collaborations and innovations."

Saja Kamal

"To me, female empowerment is about giving other women them strength to see their own worth and capabilities. The lessons I learn from my personal experiences are nothing if I can’t help other women see their own strengths and power."

"There’s a sense of excitement circulating for women in this new era in Saudi Arabia. Women have to support other women more often."

"When I worked in the corporate world for seven years, I saw the struggles women face in the workplace. As a minority, women should always empower and help each other rise. Everyone is fighting their own battles, be kind to one another."

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