Who is Marie Benoliel? A Quick Profile On The Chanel Catwalk Crasher

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 2 2019 / 14:22 PM

She was caught red-handed. And now we want to know more...

Who is Marie Benoliel? A Quick Profile On The Chanel Catwalk Crasher

Marie Benoliel, or Marie S'Infiltre as Youtube knows her, is a 28 year old comedian and a French social-media 'activist' who creates Youtube videos. The youtuber is considered prominent in France with 229k subscribers, and rising (especially after that Chanel runway stunt). If you haven't heard yet (unlikely), Benoliel is also the same woman who played a prank at the Chanel S/S20 runway show, infront of all the models, designers and celebrities.

Within a day, the Youtuber has gone up a whopping 2 million subscribers, all due to the viral videos circling the online community of her catwalk-crash. Although Benoliel does not see herself as an 'activist', and does not claim she's one, many of her Youtube videos are circled around bigotry and her stance against the wealthy, high-class. Her aim to expose or embarrass is done through stunts that are viewed as funny or ridiculous; her purpose is to 'lighten the mood' of an industry she feels is much too serious. As a graduate from the prestigious Sciences Po university in Paris, Benoliel studied theatre at the Cours Florent, which is considered a highly established French institution. This was obviously before her Youtube career took-off. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that Benoliel has gone viral, as she's created plenty of prank-videos similar to this before.

Another Paris Fashion Week show that she crashed was French Lingerie brand, Etam. In one of her Instagram post's, she states that 'the Etam runway was nothing in comparison' (to Chanels that is). 

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Le défilé étam c’était walou à côté

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Previous non-related fashion week videos that the French Youtuber has produced includes a #MeTooMovement video that went viral, and other politically-surrounded spectacles that she's reported using satire and comedy. However, her most popular stunt was definitely her takeover of the Chanel S/S20 runway show; jumping on stage and joining the other models by wearing Chanel-like clothes. Security was not able to get a hold of her, but towards the end of her performance, Gigi Hadid caught her and escorted her off the runway. Benoliel even mentions (or mocks) this in the caption of her latest Youtube video of the Chanel runway infiltration. The text roughly translates to "Gigi darling, are you recovering from our fight in the backstage?" It's clear that Marie doesn't take anything seriously, and as for her videos, she's one that enjoys the drama.