Who Is Sara Al Madani?

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 27 2019 / 14:32 PM

Emirati businesswoman, entrepreneur, mother, wife, tech-innovator and one of Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's November cover stars...

Who Is Sara Al Madani?

Her Excellency, Sara Al Madani has been paving the way forward for young aspiring Emirati women everywhere, to say the least. A renowned fashion designer, a CEO of multiple companies, and the youngest board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry are only a few of the achievements that Dr. Sara Al Madani has accomplished at such a young age. Now she can add tech-pioneer and one of the incredible cover stars of Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's November Issue to the list (it's a very long list). 

A "tech entrepreneur trying to shape the future with an ethical tech revolution" is how she describes her venture into the Tech-Industry. It's not just about AI anymore, but changing the conversation surrounding technology and it's place in both our lives and the UAE. She's at the helm of this tech-revolution within the Emirates, especially as she's already integrating these ideals into her companies. As a co-founder of the digital marketing company, 'Social Fish', Dr. Al Madani has already immersed herself within the digital-world by creating content for other businesses. Could she be bringing back all the tech knowledge she's learnt in the US back to apply in the UAE? We can't wait to see what comes next...

Between being a mother to a son and so many seperate companies, we have no idea how Dr. Sara balances it all out while still pursuing new businesses and even public speaking. Her latest project is a tech company that's (get this) integrated with wedding planning. Although the company has yet to launch, 'Proposal Cupids' is described as a venture that is "made with love for love." The most interesting twist of this new project is that Tech, a supposedly inhuman and isolated industry, is being combined with an all-feeling, loving one - the Wedding industry. This divine contradiction is just the type of innovative foward-thinking that Her Excellency Sara Al Madani has been portraying her entire career.

And that's just the woman for our Robotics Revolution cover.